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Mácháč is one of the most important dance open air festivals in the Czech Republic.

The magic combination of nature, dance music and beautiful scenery on the shore of Macha Lake with a sandy beach is exactly what makes the festival unique atmosphere and soon became the most visited event of electronic dance music in the Czech Republic.

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Location of the festival

town Doksy

Macha Lake

the area is located on the beach Klůček



The festival does not operate its own camps or tent towns, because in the immediate vicinity of the beach and the surrounding area there are several campsites, hotels and hostels that serve visitors throughout the year.

As it is one of the most visited recreational areas in the Czech Republic, there are enough places for visitors to stay.



Parking is only possible in places designated for this purpose.
During the festival it is possible to use paid parking lots near the festival area.

Parking in camps etc. must be solved directly with the operators of the accommodation facility.

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You can find answers to frequently asked questions in the FAQ section.

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